Bath for first timers

By Jon Price

From Bath Abbey to the Guildhall and everything in between, our introductory tour is ideal for those short on time but hungry to hear of Roman wonders, Georgian architecture, all the best places to eat, drink and shop, and more in Bath. Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of time to stop for those all-important Instagram snaps, too.

Marvel at the beautifully preserved Roman baths

No visit to the city is complete without a trip to its iconic Roman Baths, one of the world’s most famous and best-preserved religious spa complexes. Thought to have originated as a temple sometime between 60-70 AD, the baths visible today took approximately 300 years to build and remain in astonishing condition for their archaic age.

Visit to learn how the ever-inventive Romans found ways of channelling some 1.3 million litres of naturally-heated water through to the baths using lead pipes, and why worshippers would travel from afar to relax in the site’s holy waters and pay their respects to its God, Sulis Minerva. Book your tickets online and plan ahead to avoid the crowds.

Peruse the shops along the Pulteney Bridge

Bath’s beautiful Pulteney Bridge is one of only four bridges in the world that’s straddled by shops along both sides, so it only makes sense to peruse the independent boutiques, handicraft retailers and local shops in search for souvenirs when you’re in town.

First designed by Robert Adam in 1769, this stunning landmark has greeted visitors approaching the city on foot from the East since 1774 and is one of the Somerset region’s most unique and memorable sights. If you’d like to see it from a different perspective, jump aboard our Sail and Stroll tour to see the bridge and Bath’s other leading attractions from the water, followed by a comprehensive walking tour focusing on the key aspects of the city’s history.

Pamper yourself at Thermae Bath Spa

Health and wellness lovers should head to Thermae Bath Spa for one of the finest pampering experiences in the whole of the UK.

This relaxation haven offers reasonably priced spa packages, two spectacular baths fed by the city’s naturally warm waters and ample opportunities to treat yourself, family and friends to a bit of much-deserved tranquillity after all that sightseeing. Don’t forget to head out onto the rooftop to enjoy Thermae Bath Spa’s star attraction – an open-air pool with stunning views of the spires of Bath Abbey.

Sample age-old foods in stunning surroundings

Feeling hungry after all those activities? Add a bit of local spice to your visit by joining our Ancient Eats tour which will take you all around the city in search of timeless and delicious dishes dating back as far as the 18th century.

Winding along modern market stalls, ancient ruins and easily-missed alleyways, we’ll give you the chance to taste up to six delicious foods and drinks from some of the city’s lesser known culinary hotspots, with your very own guide there to tell you the fascinating backstory behind each one.

Image by Trang Dang from Pixabay